Should I Be Implementing Twitter Into My Teaching?

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7/17/14 8:30 AM

tweetAs a social media phenomenon, Twitter took a little while to catch on. People were skeptical of the 140 character limit and how “tweeting” was any different than updating your Facebook status. However, these days, Twitter is known for breaking news before any other source and has well over 250 million users. 

Many teachers are taking advantage of this powerful social media outlet as a tool in the classroom. Here are 10 ideas for how to incorporate Twitter in your teaching. 

  1. Professional Development. Twitter offers a great networking opportunity for teachers. Follow other teachers in your area and beyond to see what techniques they’re using.

  2. Self-promotion. If you keep a teaching blog, Twitter can be the perfect opportunity to promote some of the great things you’ve been doing in the classroom.

  3. Give your students a running due date feed. You can set up a Twitter account solely for one of your classrooms to tweet about upcoming assignments, quizzes and due dates.

  4. Encourage participation. Follow Professor Monica Rankin’s lead and let students tweet their questions during a lecture or lesson without having to raise their hand.

  5. Follow current events. There are rarely events more “current” than the Twitter newsfeed. Assign your students relevant hashtags to follow and see what’s going on in the world.

  6. Follow important figures. The large majority of politicians use Twitter, but you can also find many writers, artists and community leaders who your students might be studying. Assign an important figure to students and have them “watch” their feed to report back anything interesting.

  7. Poll your students. Use Twitter to poll your students on an issue or classroom decision and collect their responses through a hashtag.

  8. Build a story. Encourage creativity in your students by writing a story 140 characters at a time. Students can take turns responding and build on the previous tweet to get everyone involved.

  9. Post a daily challenge. Put up a trivia question or math problem for students to solve each day for extra credit.

  10. Live tweet field trips. Encourage students to share their memorable moments of the day with the rest of their class (and their parents, if they want to follow along!)

These suggestions are just a small collection of how educators are using Twitter in the classroom. When students have access to technology, the possibilities are endless.

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