The Current State of eBooks in K-12 Schools: A Q&A with Hans Mundahl

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6/12/14 9:30 AM

Q&AWe recently spoke with Hans Mundahl, who has previously held just about every job in education and now works as an independent consultant to help schools and nonprofits build technology into their classrooms. 

Q: What advice do you have for school trying to get their teachers on board with technology in the classroom?

A: Ultimately, what a teacher will care about is not the latest feature but how they can teach kids better. When we talk about that this can actually be better for the student and easier for you and more efficient, and can help teach kids, the reaction changes. Sometimes the product will sell itself and sometimes you need someone to work the middle.

Q: What’s changed for schools that are attempting to transition to eBooks today as opposed to schools who may have tried the shift a few years ago?

A: I really think it has to do with how you go about it. The good news is now it's much less of a risk for a school that wants to do it. I can talk about the data we collected, about how it works. I can also say “here's how you do it.” It's totally fair for the administration of a school to say, "This is what we ought to do." It's also totally fair to engage the faculty and say, "How are we going to do it? How are we going to roll it out? What kind of support is needed?”

Q: How would you “sell” the idea of eBooks to a school?

A: I think for sure what the compelling message to schools is that eBooks let you teach the way you wish you could have taught all along, or let you teach in a way that is consistent with what you believe.

Q: How would you define “The Difference”?

A: ClassBooks solves two really interesting problems. The first problem is how eBooks are found. They’ve created a process where I can say, "Here's my ISBN number. Yep, this book exists on three different platforms and there are comparable titles on other platforms." That alone is huge. I think the second thing they're doing is helping kids get their e-content. essentially says, "We're going to help you not only find your book, but then get it to the students in a way that makes sense.”

Look for more of our conversations with Hans coming up soon!

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