How to Help Your School Transition to 21st Century Learning Helps Schools Like Yours offers a Comprehensive OpenRoom Advisory Service for transforming schools and school districts into 21st Century learning environments. Our experts work with your school administrators to design and implement best practices, state standards and current operating environments for digital learning. Our approach is 100% customized to fit your school needs and those of your students, parents and fellow teachers. We start with consultations to assess your current environment and needs, then we create a detailed plan for your school or district and provide ongoing support and professional development to help your team implement the Plan.

How are we different?

  • Our business is not selling technology, it's creating the right vision and digital learning strategy for your school
  • We don't try to force fit a system or software, we find the right mix that fits your needs
  • We don't leave you high and dry, we help you implement the Plan and learn how to take full advantage of its power
  • We take account of all of your stakeholders and help them understand the benefits of the Plan

What's in it for you?

You are undoubtedly aware of all the hype and jargon surrounding digital learning these days. Every vendor with a mobile device or app is hounding your school administrators to try their solution in your classrooms. Once they get a foot in the door and start installing systems, then what? How do you transform traditional learning into digital learning? Who will train and support you and your students, and how can you monitor progress? These are just a few of the questions facing teachers and school administrators wondering how to move forward with 21st Century Learning. We're here to help.

Why now?

Billions of dollars are being granted by states and the Federal Government to modernize American Education. As a country we are falling behind other nations in basic learning skills and losing our once superior competitive edge. Schools and school districts are under intense pressure to transform to digital education, but the question is how?

How can help your school?

We have been serving schools like yours since 2001, building, implementing and supporting customized online bookstores. We have been helping schools transform to digital textbooks and digital learning for years, and now we're taking it to the next level - helping you create and manage a digital learning environment that fits like a glove.

If you are interested in helping your school advance to the latest technology and solutions for improving the student learning experience, contact your school administrators today and tell them about

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