Online Bookstores Make Ordering and Fulfillment Easy! Helps Schools Like Yours helps streamline the ordering and fulfillment process with customized online bookstores for both print textbooks and eBooks. Our platform lets your school host a personalized online bookstore - open 24 hours a day – offering families a familiar and reliable way to purchase the right textbooks for every student's classes before school starts!

What's Different About

Since 2001, our business has evolved from the feedback our schools give us. Flexibility is key to our services, and works closely with you to tailor your bookstore to your needs.

  • Unlike ordering your textbooks from Amazon or other online textbook retailers, bookstores are personalized for teachers, students and classes. It's easy to find the right textbooks and versions for your classes and order them in minutes.
  • is cloud-based and multi-platform and provides a well-organized, efficient process for making digital textbooks and eBooks available through an online ordering and management system. Don't use Google or Amazon to find your eBooks - it's easier and faster with
  • The Buy Back Program: At the end of each year, once your school and students are finished with their books, schools can elect either on-site or online textbook buyback. warehouses any books we buy back from you in your own proprietary stock. This unique practice ensures you have used books for students to buy.
  • allows school administrators to make changes to book lists and feature specific shipping and payment options. handles these requests with ease and alleviates problems with shipping requirements, adoption issues and purchasing books through financial aid packages. also makes managing your bookstore easier with Back Office Manager software. Back Office Manager software lets your school monitor the success of your online bookstore solution, with help from your ClassBook account manager, who is uniquely equipped to help you through the process. Plus, the Back Office Manager helps you manage messages and notifications inside your online bookstore so students and parents always have access to key information and reports.

How can help your school?

We have been serving schools like yours since 2001, building, implementing and supporting customized online bookstores. We are the education industry leaders in customized online bookstores for print textbooks and ebooks.

If you are interested in helping your school advance to the latest technology and solutions for improving the student learning experience, contact your school administrators today and tell them about

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