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Manage Your Textbook Inventory
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Managing a School Bookstore In-house Can Be Inefficient, Expensive and Frustrating

Running your school bookstore from within has its advantages, including the level of service you’re providing your students and parents.  It’s hard to beat that personal touch.  However, it requires a substantial amount of personnel and time, not to mention the fact that bookstore managers are required to be operations experts and perform quite a bit of manual labor. From interacting with publishers, negotiating fees, and collecting funds to storing books, unpacking boxes and repacking boxes for returns, it all adds up to an inefficient use of staff time and school funds.

Maintaining inventory is costly, and in-house bookstores take up valuable space in your school. Isn’t it time for a change in how you manage your school bookstore?

Outsourcing your Textbook Operation offers Efficiencies and Cost Savings by:

  • Eliminating the cost to acquire and carry inventory
  • Freeing up valuable space previously dedicated to your bookstore inventory
  • Eliminating shipping, return and restocking fees for unsold inventory
  • Eliminating hours of phone calls to publishers placing orders and tracking shipments
  • Freeing up staff time from running school book sales at the start of the school year Helps Streamline the Ordering and Fulfillment Process is specially designed to fit the needs of independent, primary and secondary schools. The platform lets your school host a personalized online bookstore - open 24 hours a day – offering families a familiar way to purchase textbooks. also makes managing your bookstore easier with Back Office Manager software. Back Office Manager software lets your school monitor the success of your online bookstore solution, with help from your ClassBook account manager, who is uniquely equipped to help you through the process. Plus, the Back Office Manager helps you manage messages and notifications inside your online bookstore so students and parents always have access to key information and reports.

What You Need to Know About

Our business has evolved from the feedback our schools give us. Flexibility is key to our services, and works closely with you to tailor your bookstore to your needs.

  • The Buy Back Program: At the end of each year, once your school and students are finished with their books, schools can elect either on-site or online textbook buyback. warehouses any books we buy back from you in your own proprietary stock.  This unique practice ensures you have used books for students to buy.
  • The Shared Success Program: The Buckingham, Browne and Nichols School requested that its online bookstore solution have the ability to quickly make changes to book lists and feature specific shipping and payment options. handled these requests with ease and alleviated problems for the school regarding book shipment, adoption issues and purchasing books through financial aid packages. The Buckingham, Browne and Nichols School utilizes its Shared Success Program to pass savings directly on to students and parents. can help you do the same.


To learn more about partnering with to create your school’s online textbook store, contact us today.

“Our online bookstore with has been a win for everybody. The school has saved money. The faculty no longer has to spend the first day of school handing out books. The administrators can go online and view the status and price of book orders. Our parents like being able to earn points by using their credit cards; our school bookstore only accepted cash. But the primary benefit is technology. Though we are still ordering some hard copy books, our school is on the cusp of moving into a digital learning environment. And is the right partner to lead us in that transition.”

- Cindy Stadulis, director of finance and operations at Dwight-Englewood School in New Jersey.